Friday, June 02, 2017

my cardiologist said

He sent me a message, after my latest echogram, stating that my meds seem to be working.  I do feel better. I do not feel well. Movement is hard and painful. I can struggle to catch my breath after walking across a room. And when I do force myself out of my home, a few blocks walking fatigues me so much that I usually cut whatever I tried to do short and come home and nap, soundly, for hours. Then sleep long hours overnight, also. 

Always tired. Growing dangerously isolated.

So I bought an electric mobility scooter. I struggle so much to go to my swimming pool, which is a few blocks, uphill, walk. The walk wipes me out. Once I am in the pool, I see I have work to do to rebuild my endurance. With the mobility scooter, I am sure I will.

I am tired all the time. In pain all the time. And I am doing well, according to one doc.

Another doc told me I could not swim for two weeks. This was a month ago, before I went to Canada. I lamented "But I need to exercise because of my heart failure" to which she responded "So walk." When I said walking was very painful and walking is no longer a viable exercise for me, she was dismissive.

My primary doc said she'd start the process to get me a paid-for mobility scooter but that process would take a year or more.  Not exercising for more than a year was not the right way for me to go.

Swimming. Zipping up to the pool, swimming and zipping home.

I will be back up to a mile daily within a month. I so love swimming outdoors. Here, I swim outdoors year round. Even on rainy and/or very cold days, I love swimming. In fact, I quite like cold, blustery rainy days for swimming. It leaves the pool almost empty. Once in the water, it feels the same as usual. And rain? Wet is wet.

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