Thursday, June 01, 2017

I love lap swimming

After two hospitalizations this past winter for heart failure and other heart issues (!), I have struggle to get back to daily lap swims.  First, I have to get to the pool which is about a three block, uphill, walk from my building. I can handle the swimming, although I need to build back up to a mile a day. I can do that. I just add a few laps daily until, bingo, I can feel like I can do laps forever.

Even my beloved lap swimming is harder. I get out of breath easily due to my heart failure. And my left knee feels like sharp knives have replaced my bones. The Edwina Scissorhands of knees?  Walking is very painful. Walking is deeply fatiguing so by the time I get there, I am already wiped out of energy.

So. I am going to get an electric mobility scooter. I will scoot up to the pool, have more energy for the good exercise.

My left knee is getting worse. I just went swimming and I took the bus home (yeah, I took the bus three blocks!) and I could barely limp from bus stop to my building.

I've always had painful knees. So did my grandma Crowley.

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