Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Guinness: my favorite anticoagulant

From the first day I was told, in 2003, that I would have to take coumadin (rat poison) the rest of my life to prevent blood clots, I have balked at the rat poison. After a few years, I consulted with a hemotologist who ran a lot of tests (after she had me go off coumadin for a month). She said I was right on the borderline and whether or not I took coumadin depended on my tolerance for risk. She pointed out that I now knew what a deep vein thrombosis (clot in my lower leg) felt like so if I felt comfortable with the risk, I could go off coumadin. I did go off, for about a year and then I felt a painful DVT developing in the same place the first one had developed. A trip to the ER had me back on coumadin this time for life.

I eat a whole lot of dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, chard and more) so I need less rat poison.

Now I have discovered a new, healthy drink that is an anticoagulant as well as being the source of many other good nutrients. Guinness.

I had a glass in Montreal. When I could, I looked up Guinness for its carb count to see how much insulin I needed   if I ever had another Guinness. Come to learn that Guinness is unusually, for a beer, low in carbs, loaded with nutrition and an actual anticoagulant.

So I could drink a Guinness for medicinal and health purposes!

Brew pubs seem to spring up all the time but they focus on local brews. And I'm not much for going out to drink.

When I am in a spot with Guinness on tap, my longstanding limitation of one beer per summer will go out the window. Anytime Guiness is on tap, I'll have a pint. It's medicinal. You know, for my health. I am disappointed that many American bars chill Guinness. I really do like it room temp. But for its medical benefits, I'll cope with a cold one. 

Hear hear.

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