Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Anyone who actually knows me know I don't use illicit drugs and except for a very rare beer in the summertime, I don't drink alcohol.

I did smoke a lot of marijuana for a couple years in college. Then I returned from S. America and never smoked dope again. That was 1974!

Recently, at the Alta Bates Ashby ER, in February, a blood test done on me showed Ecstasy in my system.  A false positive for sure.

Geez, my primary doc prescribed medical marijuana for my considerable chronic pain and I rejected it. She said they sell stuff that doesn't get a person high but I still didn't check out medical marijuana.

An asshole ER doc put me, so illogically, on a psych hold, accusing me of being actively suicidal. I reasoned that I had come to the ER of my own volition seeking help for heart failure. I pointed out that coming to the ER for medical care is not indicative of suicidal intention.  This pig also ordered the ER staff to withhold insulin, even when a glucose test showed my glucose was over 200.

The next day, I refused any more blood tests, would not let docs listen to my heart and did not accept any medical care until I saw a psychiatrist. I eventually saw a psychiatrist named Dr. Fitzpatrick. He told me I would be amazed how many unwarranted psych holds get ordered out of that particular ER.

Apparently Dr. Dylan Easley has a real thing for punishing already sick people who, in his judgement, act a little upity. He promised me he would not put a psych hold on me and then he walked out of the glass cage I had been forced into and grabbed a passing nurse and told her to put me on that psych hold. That meant 24 hour babysitters. That meant they took away my insulin -- after other ER staff had told me they usually let diabetics manage their diabetes in the ER. There I was, already sick and Easley ordered the staff to withhold insulin from this type one diabetic and also ordered that I be given no food. It took over 24 hours to get the starve-her order rescinded.

Why are there a surprising number of psych holds at Alta Bates Ashby? Is it all because of the asshole Dr. Easley?   I wonder.

And I even wonder if he spiked my blood test with ecstasy to buttress his outrageous decision to put me on a psych hold. Get this: on this psych hold at this hospital, you don't get any psych treatment. You just get humiliated. denied insulin, denied food and are forced to sit with babysitters.

Ecstasy!  I had a business partner in the eighties who had used ecstasy a few times. She always spoke of it as the most blissful experience imaginable. I loved and greatly respected her but I never tried ecstasy even tho she steadily urged me to.  I am not likely to start using ecstasy at age 63, eh?

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