Thursday, February 23, 2017

fuck you Shilpa Patel MD of California

You threatened my life with your incomptent malpracice medical care.

You withheld needed medicine from me, putting me at risk. You ordered obscene overdose of coumadin, putting me at risk.

I hope no one ever abuses your son with such incompetent medical care.

Dr. Shilpa Patel gave me super lousy medical care

Well, what should one expect from someone whose grades are so low that they go to some fly-by-night, embryonic med school in Grenada?  Clearly she was not a top undergrad or she could have gone to mediocre med schools in America. And she goes out of her way to hide where she went, typically listing her degree as nothing more than 'medical degree' or "GMU" Does anyone, except other grads of this nowheresville place, know what GMU is or where it is?  It is St. George Medical University, started in 1977, then shifted locations a few times when Margaret Thatcher invaded Grenada. Not a top drawer place.

Who do you want treating you? A doc who went to a real med school she proudly lists on her profiles on line or by someone who tries to hide where she went?

As one hospital administrator pointed out, Patel is licensed to practice medicine in CA. I know plenty of incompetents licensed to do all kinds of things. I am not impressed.

Dr. Patel withheld insulin from this type one diabetic during my nightmare 4.5 day stay in her hospital. I lost, get this, 21 pounds because type ones cannot metabolize food without insulin.

And she is a bigot, for she fat shamed me more than once, as if being fat is why I am type one -- NOT at all the reason. Duh. A real doc would know.

Then today I discovered another incopetent medical order: she raised my coumadin, which I have been taking since 2006 and I know a hella lot about coumadin and its affect on my body, from six units three days a week and 8 units four days a week to 12 units a day. In the hospital, I had no choice but to take excessive doses although if the hospital had told me what I was taking, I would have refused 12 milligrams of couadin daily.

The hospital makes a big show, printing a brochure just for me, even with my name on it, informing me that I will be told every treatment offered to me, that I will be told about every med I take and told of its otential side effects as well as why it is given to me. This never happened.

then I get home with my discharge papers and Dr Patel has ordered me to stop using one of my insulins and overprescribed coumadin.

Iknew 12 mg of coumadin was excessive so I only took 8 a day which I knew was still high but not as dangerous. Yesterday my coumadin test shows my coumadin very high. If I had followed her incompetent advice, I could be very sick right now. too much coumadin can results in internal organs bleedings, can make one sick and if one bleeds the bleeding might not stop. Thank god I took less than she orders, but a pure guess.

Now my primary doc has ordered me to further reduce my coumadin, of course. Thank goddess I did not take the dangerously high levels Dr. Patel of Grenada med school prescribed!!!